A History Of Sonic The Hedgehog

The Video Games, Part Two

January 17, 2021

The deep dive into Sonic The Hedgehog continues with a timeline, and lively discussion, of Sonic The Hedgehog video games in the 21st Century.  Featuring Sonic going 3D, branching out onto Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles, and the missteps taken in the franchise in 2006.


Tom Campbell is a Sonic The Hedgehog fan who is marking the 30th anniversary of Sega's beloved blue hero with a series of audio documentaries featuring brand new interviews with Sonic The Hedgehog creators and fans.



UK Roundtable: Mair (@DreamyPumpkin_), Sam Beddoes (@FreakZoneGames) and Matthew Gregg (@MaffewGregg)

Voice of Yuji Naka: Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude) of @TeamTripleJump


Soundtrack courtesy of Probe (protosprobe.bandcamp.com)


Additional Audio Credits

All Sonic The Hedgehog Audio Clips courtesy of Sega and Sonic Team

"Nights Into Dreams" Promotional DVD (https://youtu.be/VrqsdYKay_c)

"The Anti-Gravity Room" Sega Saturn Showcase (https://youtu.be/WVl6qhdJULY)

Tokyo International Forum 1999 (https://youtu.be/8LEoZs_s_oQ

Ryan Drummond Interview, Kitsune Network (https://youtu.be/J9EZWE3034k

"The Rise And Fall Of Sega Dreamcast" from G4 (https://youtu.be/jsmGEL3fyf8)

Angry Video Game Nerd Sonic 06 Review (https://youtu.be/Sr_rd6DpxM0

Game Grumps Play Sonic 06 (https://youtu.be/ZWRHiGpA3zk)

Sonic Mania "Behind The Scenes" Comic-Con Panel (https://youtu.be/5K6hU14wero)


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